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Please note -

While this is an anonymous site, your exact title will be published to allow other professionals to easily compare the salaries of most relevance to them.  If your job title is highly unique or identifiable we recommend you generalise your job title to ensure your entry remains completely anonymous.

Want to remove a salary entry that you have entered? Perhaps you entered a job title that was a little too specific? Maybe you entered your details incorrectly?

Whatever the reason, we are more than happy remove your salary entry for you right away. As the profile is anonymous (no name, email, etc, is published), to identify your entry correctly we will need you to simply:

  • 1. Go to search salaries to run a search to find your salary entry in the “Last 5 Peer profiles” section.

  • 2. Once you find your profile, click on the ‘Report This Entry’ link and type – “This is my salary – please remove”.

  • 3. From there we can identify it and remove it from the site (typically within 24 hours).

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