The Inspire HQ story began with imagination, call it what you will, vision, dream, aspiration – the result is the same. A holistic business was born with a focus towards health and well-being. This holistic approach significantly improves productivity and increases the harnessing and retention of top talent.

Inspire HQ is a creative, collective team, passionate about Human Resources, Recruitment and Careers. We welcome you to experience the quality of service, genuineness and honesty we have with everyone we partner with.

Ange Connor (Director) is an impressive business entrepreneur, who is an exemplary leader in her field. “A possibility thinker”, Ange Connor has a sense of energy and a contagious passion to make a difference. She understands people, knows how to un-tap their potential and forge strong partnerships. Ange’s skill to actively listen allows her to gain a sense of what people want, what they value, and what they dream about.

So remember if you are looking for a new career, Talk to us First!

Visit inspirehq.com.au to find out more about us, keep up to date on the latest recruitment trends and for hot tips to help you land your dream job.

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[2]    Want to remove a salary entry that you have entered? Perhaps you entered a job title that was a little too specific? Maybe you entered your details incorrectly? Whatever the reason, we are more than happy to remove your salary entry for you right away. As the profile is anonymous (no name, email, etc, is published), to identify your entry correctly we will need you to simply:

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